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Amber Riya

Music for Yoga, Meditation & Ceremony


Music for yoga, meditation & ceremony


"Amber is a channel of sacred sound that permeates the body, heart and spirit. Listening to her crystalline voice is a direct and powerful pathway for transformation. She embodies the purity and soul of the original temple singer traveling across space and time."

~ SriMati

Over the last few years Amber Riya has sung in ashrams, festivals, retreats and yoga studios all over the world. The music she shares is very much inspired by deep experiences she has had through spiritual practice and she feels it is her calling to share sacred sound to heighten and enhance experiences of those who listen. 


Her alchemical sound enfolds the listener and brings a deepening and softening quality to spiritual practice. Using a variety of instruments including crystal singing bowls, harmonium, the Indian sarod, bells, chimes and her angelic voice she weaves together a soundscape that gives the listener a taste of the heaven that lies within themselves. 




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